Frequently Asked Question

What is Token?

A Token is a device that can generate dynamic random number with specific algorithm to authenticate a user to proceed with financial and non-financial transactions, such as Password reset, personal profile update, etc., through Danamon Online Banking. Bank Danamon gives you the option to choose between a Hardware Token or SMS Token.

The Hardware Token is a small handheld device that generates and displays a secret code in the form of Challenge Response or One Time Password (OTP) according to the instruction given. If you select this type of Token, you must always have this device with you every time you conduct Danamon Online Banking transactions.

The SMS Token is a secret code in the form of One Time Password (OTP) obtained when you press the Preview button on the transaction page. This code will be sent via SMS to the mobile phone number registered in Danamon Online Banking. With the SMS Token, you can make Danamon Online Banking transactions without having to carry around additional device. Customers who have already owned an SMS Token may still request for a Hardware Token. However, once the Hardware Token has been activated, the initial SMS Token will be deactivated.

Should I register for both Tokens?

You can only choose and use one of the two types of tokens at any one time.

How do I request for a Hardware Token?

A Hardware Token can be requested online through Danamon Online Banking website by choosing Hardware Token Request Menu and then selecting the city and the closest Danamon branch office to you. You can collect your Hardware Token at the chosen branch office, one Bank working day at the earliest after your request.

How do I Activate for an SMS Token?

Aktivasi SMS Token dapat dilakukan dengan cara: SMS Token can be activated:

  • Visit Bank Danamon Conventional Branch
  • Select Internet Banking and then Aktivasi SMS Token menu on EDC PINPad
  • Swipe ATM/Debit card to EDC PINPad, insert PIN and mobile phone number (keep your PIN confidential).

How do I request for a hardware Token?

You should fill in the Token Activation and Deactivation form at the chosen Danamon branch when collecting your Hardware Token and the Bank will process its activation. Your Token will be activated at the latest two Bank working days after you have collected it.

What if the mobile phone used for receiving SMS Token is lost?

In this case, you will be required to contact Hello Danamon to block your SMS Token temporary. You could change the SMS Token with your new mobile phone number through EDC PINPad on Danamon Branch. Once the number is changed you can reactive Danamon SMS Token by calling Hello Danamon.

What if my Hardware Token is lost?

If your Hardware Token is lost, you should notify Hello Danamon to block it. Once blocked, you could visit the nearest Danamon Branch to deactivate the old Hardware Token and request for a new Hardware Token or activate SMS Token through EDC PINPad.

What if my Hardware Token is not functioning?

You could contact the nearest Danamon branch for a replacement.

Is there any warranty for the Hardware Token?

The Bank gives a one-year warranty for battery live period effective as per Hardware Token is activated by Bank. The Customer must bring the returned Token in a good condition to branch.There will be a charge of IDR 100,000 for replacement or passed its warranty period.

What if my Hardware Token is locked because I enter a incorrect Token PIN for three consecutive times?

You can contact Hello Danamon to guide you in unlocking the Hardware Token.

What if I can not continue my transaction because I enter the incorrect Token response number for three consecutive times?

You can contact Hello Danamon to reset your Token, either Hardware Token or SMS Token.

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