3D Secure

3D Secure
Online Credit Card Transaction is now more secure with 3D Secure
3D Secure is a new security system from Danamon Credit Card to protect your online shopping transaction. The security system is in the form of PIN (Personal Information Number) which will be sent to your cellular phone each time you transact online using your Danamon credit card. You will receive different PIN on every transaction (One-time password).

Please make sure that you have registered your current cellular phone number before transact online with your credit card. If you wish to change/update your cellular phone number, please call Hello Danamon.

Don't have Danamon credit card? Apply now by sending SMS to 9123 with format of: Danamon[space]card[space]your name
Save Steps For Online Shopping :

1. Update Your Data
To start using 3D secure, you are required to ensure that the phone number registered is valid. Currently this feature is only available for GSM cellular phone.
2. Online Transactions
To complete your online shopping process, you will be required to enter some information with regards to your card, such as Credit Card numbers, expiry date and CVV (three digits number appear on the back of card).

If the website participates in 3D Secure, there will be a verification page pop-up on the screen.
3. Authorization

One time PIN will be sent to your mobile phone number soon after you click "continue".
4. Verification

Enter the PIN that you have received through your mobile phone into the pop-up verification page. To be able to access the verification page, please make sure your browser setting is enabled for pop-up.

If you lose or enter an incorrect code, you can request for new code by clicking the "Send Your Authorization Code" icon.
5. Transaction Confirmation

If you have successfully completed the verification process, there will be a pop-up confirmation on the screen.
To find out more, contact
Hello Danamon