Danamon SMS Banking

Danamon SMS Banking
Fast and Secure Transaction via SMS Banking
Bank Danamon provides Danamon SMS Banking service which using mPOD (mobile Payment On Demand) technology. Customer will enjoy its flexibility and security in doing banking transactions through Short Message Service (SMS) system. Facilitated with Driven Menu, Customers get easier way of doing transaction and do not need an internet access.

The features and benefits of Danamon SMS Banking are:
  • Information
    To requestan information of account balance or last transaction.
  • Fund Transfer
    To do fund transfer both intra and inter-bank (BCA, ALTO, and ATM Bersama).
  • Prepaid Top Up
    To do prepaid top up for: XL/Axis, Esia, Flexy, Indosat, Smartfren, and Telkomsel.
  • Payment
    To do payment transaction such as Danamon Credit Card and Other Bank Credit Card, Mobile Postpaid (Indosat, Telkomsel & XL), Telkom, Adira Finance, Adira Quantum, and Adira Insurance.
  • Favorite Menu
    To keep the most frequently used transaction data, therefore Customers do not need to retype each time. This menu is available for Fund Transfer, Prepaid Top Up and Payment.
  • Card less Withdrawal
    To do cash withdrawal in Danamon ATM (with D-Cash Logo) without using ATM card and by only reserving through D-Cash feature in Danamon SMS Banking. The transaction value is up to 1.5 million IDR per day.
    • D-Cash Reservation (through Danamon SMS Banking)
      1. Choose "m-Danamon"
      2. Enter Access Code
      3. Pilih "D-Cash"
      4. Choose "Reservasi"
      5. Choose "Nominal" (kelipatan Rp100 ribu, Max Rp500 ribu)
      6. Make and type "Passcode"; 6 digit number
      7. Get confirmation for D-cash Reservation.
      8. Enter "PIN"; 6 digit number
      9. Choose "Kirim"
      10. D-Cash transaction confimation Succes, time limit 30 minutes.

    • You can make cash withdrawal at ATM with "D-Cash" logo.

    • Card less Withdrawal
      1. Press any button on ATM Screen.
      2. Choose "Cardless Withdrawal"
      3. Choose "Language"
      4. Enter "Your cellphone Number"
      5. Enter "Your Passcode"
      6. Choose "The Amount"
      7. Input the "OTP Code" that you get from your cellphone.
      8. Transaction Success, Please Take your money and atm receipt.

Find our nearest branch and register now! Just bring your ID card copy and Danamon ATM card or passbook. Do not wait more!

Apply Danamon SMS Banking on your mobile phone now, find the closest Bank Danamon Branch with a copy of ID card, ATM card or passbook you. We are ready to serve you.
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